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Chenille Rug Fringing

The fringes of a chenille rug are the first part of a rug that may need your attention after years of use. If you notice the fringes of your rug have become worn, you are likely to be in need of a chenille fringing repair expert in New York City.

Repairing or Replacing?

There are two approaches for chenille fringing repair. Depending on the level of damage, we either have to repair the fringes or replace them completely. Regardless of the decision, we will always consult with you before performing the service.

Look, No Machines!

Chenille fringing repair is a job that is best done manually, so we avoid using machines for this kind of service. This way, we can be sure the aspect of your rug will be similar to the original one. 

Our company offers free pick-ups and returns for any rug, as well as a full guarantee for your peace of mind.

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