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Turkish Rug Fringing

At the time you look at a Turkish rug, its fringes might not be the first thing to attract your attention.  Despite this fact, you should know that the fringes of Turkish rugs are part of the structure of the rug, basically holding it together. The minute you observe they start to look damaged, you should contact a Turkish fringing repair expert.

Repairing the Fringes

We offer all the fringing repairs you may need for your Turkish rug, including small repairs for the case of a few destroyed fringes and complete replacements where that is the case. The pre-inspection we perform beforehand will let us know what is best for the fringes of your Turkish rugs.

A Professional’s Job

All the Turkish fringing repairs we offer are performed by highly skilled specialists who will take utmost care of your rug in order to return it to you in pristine condition.

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