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Shag Rug Color Restoration

Color Will Never Be The Same…

In case your shag rug starts to look lifeless and drab, you should not worry too much. We have the best shag rug color experts in NY City, so just call us and we will return your rug back to life. 

Oh, Yes, They Will!

Our professional technicians will restore the brightness and luster to the fibers of your shag rug while replacing all the lost color. The process is somewhat similar to dyeing, but it will be completed with utmost care for the fibers of your rug.

Color loss in shag rugs may vary between 10 and 40%m, according to the environmental conditions in your home. We can revive the colors of your shag rug and make it look like new for the years to come. 

We assure you of the success of every shag color restoration service by offering a 100% guarantee for your peace of mind.

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