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Berber Rug Color Restoration

The beauty of berber rugs is given by their vibrant palette of colors. Whenever your rug begins to look dull and colorless, it is high time you contact the best berber color restoration experts in New York to take care of it for you.

A Wealth of Patterns

The intricate patterns and designs of berber rugs make the color restoration procedure a challenging one. This is the main reason you should always leave it to the experts. 

Reviving Colors

All the members of our team are professionals and they will strive to restore life in the colors of your berber rug. The task is a difficult one, but we are confident our team will be up to it. Moreover, we only use natural products during the entire procedure so no further damage will occur to your rug.

We offer a full guarantee for all color restoration jobs. After the service is complete, we will deliver the rug back to your home in a like-new condition.

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