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Indian Rug Color Restoration

What could be more beautiful than a new Indian rug to enhance the look of your living room? When you buy such a gorgeous rug, you will want its colors to last forever. As color fading is a problem that affects all rugs sooner or later, let your rug in the hands of Indian color restoration specialists in New York.

Why Do Colors Fade?

The color in the fibers of an Indian rug may fade due to a variety of factors. The most frequent cause of colors becoming dull is sunlight. Depending on the position of the rug in relation to the windows, the damage may be more profound in some portions than in others.

Taking Care of the Colors

As you will want your rug to look exactly as in the day you purchased it, we will take care of that for you by performing a perfect color matching. Thus, the rug will shine with brightness again and the final result will be identical to the original.

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