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Cotton Rug Color Restoration

With time, the vibrant colors of a cotton rug begin to fade and the rug slowly loses its natural appearance. Color fading is a common occurrence even with high-quality rugs and the result is your rug does not maintain its original look. Our team has the best cotton color restoration specialists in NYC, which is all you need when colors sees to run away from a cotton rug.

A Tricky Service

Cotton color restoration is not a simple procedure and for this reason it may need attention from a color matching specialist. When you trust us with the colors of your cotton rug, you can rest assured color fading will be a thing of the past. 

Leaving it to the experts

Color restoration is a technique that can easily fail if it is not carried our properly. This is the main reason you should leave it to New York cotton rug professionals who guarantee that the restoration procedure will be done correctly and the new colors will last for the years to come. 

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