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Synthetic Rug Color Restoration

Nobody likes a color rug that has lost its color vibrancy. If you notice that the colors of your synthetic rug become dull, it is time to contact our synthetic color restoration specialists in NY. 

Why Do They Fade?

Color fading is a process that occurs to any type of rug, regardless of its age and quality. Most of it is due to direct sunlight. It is not necessary, however, to throw a rug away just because its colors don’t look like the original ones anymore. 

An Excellent Coloring Service

We provide an excellent synthetic color restoration service. Our specialists will do a great job when matching the colors, so your rug will look the same it was on the day you bought it. 

Color restoration is a service that requires lots of patience and dedication and we can assure you that you will be most pleased with the results.

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