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Rug Patching

Hole in Your Rug? Trust Us to Patch it Up

When holes of any size or shape start to pop up in your area rug, call the rug technicians at New York Rug Cleaning for a patching treatment. We service all types of rugs, including Persian, hand-made, shag, machine-made, of all types of materials, like silk, wool and synthetic fibers.

We deliver quality results, employ only trained, skilled technicians to handle your area rug, and guarantee our services 100 percent.

Complete, Damage Repair

Holes in your rug appear for various reasons. Excess dirt and set-in stains in the knots, over exposure to sunlight, and just heavy traffic cause your area rug to weaken in foundational support. 

Although holes and tears may seem like a nightmare, with the help of our rug technicians, we repair and restore your rug with our patching service.

Step-by-Step Professional Process

Our patching service starts with a complete inspection of your rug in your home. Our technicians identify all damages and rug qualities to help us prepare for the most appropriate patch and correct procedure. 

Our technicians then bring your rug to our service facility. At the service facility, we start to create the patch for your rug by hand using premium yarns and dyes. 

We follow the design and color patterns to create a perfect match that covers the damaged area completely. One of our technicians then sews the patch into place.

So when you need a quality, professional patching service for your area rug, call the experts at New York Rug Cleaning. 

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