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Antique Rug Color Restoration

Colors are one of the elements that add value to an antique rug. In order to maintain them bright for a long period of time, consult our team of antique rug color restoration experts in New York City.

The value of brightness

Nobody likes faded colors on a rug, but in the case of valuable antique rugs, color fading not only diminishes its looks, but its value as well. Cleaning a rug without expert assistance may destroy the color brightness because of the chemicals involved.

Putting the Brightness Back On

Antique rug color restoration is a procedure that takes time and patience. Fortunately, our team of New York specialists only uses professional equipment for restoring the colors of a rug, paying special attention to every tiny detail. 

Free Delivery

We offer free pick-ups and delivery returns for every rug that needs color restoration. Moreover, all our services come with a 100 % guarantee. 

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