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Art Deco Rug Color Restoration

Do the colors of your Art Deco rug seem to fade with each day that passes by? This is a sign you need to contact an art deco color restoration expert in New York.

The Secret of Colors

The undisclosed secret of an effective Art deco color restoration service resides in matching all the colors seamlessly. The colors of a rug are generally heavily affected by direct sunlight, mostly because it might damage its dyes. Luckily, our teams of color restorers have the necessary expertise to return colors to life in your Art Deco rug.

A Seamless Service

We only make use of state-of-the-art color restoring methods and high-quality dyes in order to match the new shades perfectly with the original ones. As a consequence, no one will be able to tell your Art Deco rug has just undergone a color restoration service. 

A Rug Shining With Freshness

After the team applies their unique color restoration procedure, your Art Deco rug will look as fresh as it was when new. The results achieved by our experts will surprise you and it is expected you will not be able to tell the new colors from the original ones.

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