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Wool Rug Repair & Restoration

Inspecting wool rugs

Wool rugs are more durable than those made of synthetic fabrics. Because wool is more resilient, the rugs stay clean for longer and they do not require any repairs when they are new. However, wool rug repair and restoration is often necessary in the case of old antique rugs. 

Repairing and reconstructing

A good repair job for a wool rug does not only mean restoring it to its original condition, but preventing further damage as well. Sometimes, a new fringe needs to be added if the original one has been damaged. Professional wool rug repair and restoration also involves reconstructing the foundation, sewing tears, reweaving the pile and replacing worn out borders.

A professional service

By offering a wide range of wool rug repair and restoration services, our team of experts considers the needs of each rug individually. We guarantee superb treatment to your wool rug during the repair process and will return it to you in an optimal condition.

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