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Persian Rug Repair & Restoration

Persian rugs are some of the oldest types of rugs in the world. Many people choose not only to use them as decoration pieces in their homes, but collect them as well.

When to Contact Us

Extra care is needed for maintaining Persian rugs in a good state, so contact a Persian rug repair expert in New York expert whenever you need any kind of repair.

Choosing the Techniques

Persian rugs are known to be resistant, but there are times when they need different types of repairs. You can confidently rely on our team for all your Persian rug repair needs, as you can be sure our experts will treat each rug independently, making sure they use the proper supplies and techniques. 

A Wide Range of Services

Our team offers a variety of Persian repair and restoring services, which range from fringe repairs to serious damages to the structure of the rug. We have the best team of rug experts in NY, so your valuable Persian rug will certainly be in good hands. 

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