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Chenille Rug Repair & Restoration

As the best chenille rug repair and restoration team in New York City, we often confront with various chenille rug repair and restoration issues. If you notice something iffy about your chenille rug, call us immediately and we will take care of the problem.

Chenille Rugs Problems

Some of the most common problems that may arise with Chenille rugs include moth damage, fringe repair or replacement, holes and tears, broken side cords and worn patches. We offer solutions to all these problems and more, so that you can enjoy your chenille rug for the years to come. 

The Best Team of Experts

We only employ certified experts that will treat each rug with individual attention. This way, you can be sure all the needs of your chenille rug are carefully addressed.

We offer free collection and returns for all chenille rugs that need our attention. For your peace of mind, we also offer a 100% guarantee on all our services. 

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