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Synthetic Rug Repair & Restoration

Restoring a synthetic rug is a job that is best left to professionals. We have one of the most experienced team of synthetic rug repair and restoration in New York and we can guarantee you excellent results for your rug.

A Dedicated Team

Our team of rug repairers is dedicated to high quality synthetic rug repairs and they are highly motivated by customer satisfaction. You will no longer need to replace a rug just because of a superficial damage, when a professional repair can do the trick.

Individual Attention

Whether the repair needed by your synthetic rug consists of fringing repair or a small hole, you can rest assured we will treat each rug with individual attention. Whenever necessary, we will consult with you before proceeding to the repair or restoration service. 

We guarantee an outstanding treatment to your synthetic rug throughout the restoration service and will return it to you in top condition.

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