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Peruvian Rug Repair & Restoration

Peruvian rugs need constant attention and care, especially if you choose to lay them out in high-traffic areas. We have an excellent team of Peruvian rug repair and restoration specialists in NY that can help you with all your Peruvian rug problems.

We Know Our Repairs

All our experts have a deep knowledge of weaving techniques, rug types and dyes and thus they are able to choose the best approach for repairing any given Peruvian rug. 

Our Range of Services

We only use state-of-the art repairing equipment and hand-spotting techniques. Some of the services we offer include, among others, reweaving wrapping sides, adding new fringes, patching and chain-stitching ends. 

All the Peruvian repair and restoration services we conduct come with a 100 % guarantee and free pick-ups and returns.

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