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Art Deco Rug Repair & Restoration

Art Deco rugs are well-known for their durability good looks, thus making impressive additions to every living room. From time to time, however, tragedy may strike your Art Deco rug and when this happens, you should give a call to an art deco rug repair expert in NYC immediately.

Different Types of Repairs

All our technicians have a sound knowledge when it comes to different weaving techniques and dyes and consequently they can decide on the best approach for repairing or restoring any kind of Art Deco rug. 

Restoration Techniques

Some of the restoring techniques that we possibly will need to apply to your Art Deco rug include, restoring the color of the worn surfaces, repairing the fringes that have detached, mending small holes and sewing the edges of the rug that have become damaged. 

We offer a 100 % guarantee for any Art Deco repair and restoration service and we will deliver the rug safely back to your home.

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