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Moroccan Rug Repair & Restoration

Over the years, fringes may come off and knots of the rug may become loose. You shouldn’t be concerned about this, because Moroccan rugs can be restored just like any other rug. After using our professional Moroccan rug repair and restoration service in New York, your rug should look like new.

An attentive service

Restoring a Moroccan rug to its original status requires the attention of a professional craftsman, who will use his entire expertise to repair it and give you the best possible service. Our expert team in New York understands the unique characteristics of each rug.

All that needs restoring

Moroccan rug restoration can include everything from easy repairs to connecting the fringes back together. Our company listens to the needs each and every client and considers that each rug is unique. Our restoration service is located in New York and we offer the best client service and the promise that your precious rug will be returned to you in perfect form.

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