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Silk Rug Reweaving

Save The Rug, Don’t Buy Another

At the moment you notice your silk rug disintegrating before your eyes, you need to know that it is not too late to save it. Contact our team of silk reweaving rug specialists in NY and they will be able to correct any damage that may have appeared in the weave of your rug.

The first thing we do before starting any silk reweaving service is to fully inspect the rug. This is essential because we can find out which techniques are less invasive for it. 

Working out the Details

Our team of experts will pay attention to the tiniest details of your silk rug. The beauty of your valuable silk rug will remain intact as they replicate the original designs and patterns of the rug.

The last step of the service is returning your silk rug to you in perfect condition. We offer free delivery returns and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Silk Rug Reweaving

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