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Cotton Rug Reweaving

You should closely examine your cotton rug at least once a year in order to discover any signs of wear. At any time you notice unraveling ends and edges or small tears, bring the rug for evaluation to the best cotton rug reweaving experts in New York.

Preparing the Rug

We have a team of experienced and qualified repairers who have a great knowledge about rug reweaving. They will first prepare the yarn of the rug by taking into account the count, texture, color and twist. 

Patience and Expertise

Cotton reweaving is a procedure that requires plenty of patience and skill. Our experts will match the colors and fibers carefully in order to maintain the original look of the cotton rug. We can also add new piles matching the colors and the original design if the state of the rug requires it.

We offer free pick-up and delivery for your cotton rug, as well as the expertise of specially trained technicians. 

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