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Peruvian Rug Reweaving

Peruvian reweaving is an art that truly sets us apart from any other rug repair companies in New York. Thus, if you discover a hole in your rug, you can rest assured we will make it disappear. We have the best Peruvian reweaving experts in New York City, so your rug will be in good hands.

Matching the Yarns Perfectly

The reweaving procedure means that we take yarns that are close match to the original ones in your rug and then we reweave the rug by recreating its foundation lines. When the service is complete, it will be quite difficult to find the reweaving place.

Dealing with the Costs

The price of reweaving services may vary according to the level of damage featured in your rug. In most of the cases the cost of reweaving is well worth it, because it may add decades of life to your Peruvian rug.

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