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Karastan Rug Reweaving

Karastan rugs are famous all over the world for their beauty and resistance. There are however times when accidents happen and your precious Karastan rug will be in need of a reweaving service. This is where our team of Karastan reweaving experts in New York step in. 

The Best Karastan Reweaving Specialists in NY

For each of the Karastan reweaving services offered by our company we only employ highly specialized technicians. They will make sure to only use the best products and techniques in their quest to restore the original looks of your rug. 

Seamless Reweaving

After the reweaving procedure is completed for your rug, you will not be able to tell that the rug ever suffered from an accident. Our reweaving service is seamless on the surface of your rug.

In order to offer you the best level of convenience, we will pick up the rug from your home and return it to you free of charge and in an excellent condition. 

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