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Art Deco Rug Reweaving

From time to time, an Art Deco rug will be in need of a general reweaving service in order to look like new again. You should not be worried about the results when you trust us with your rug, as we are the best art deco reweaving experts in NY and we will make sure it will preserve its original aspect. 

A Skilled Team

Our team of knowledgeable rug repairers provides all our clients with an extensive range of reweaving services for Art Deco rugs. 

Finding the Best Solution

Whenever your rug is in distress, we are most likely to find a solution for its problem and will save you from ruining your budget by purchasing a new one. Consequently, if you discover that your favorite Art Deco rug shows signs of wear in the weave, contact us today.

Besides providing our clients the best possible Art Deco reweaving service, we also provide free deliver returns and a 100% guarantee for all services.

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