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Hand Made Rug Reweaving

Many hand made rugs are known as fine and robust pieces. However, there are times when you may find yourself in need of an excellent hand made reweaving service. As luck would have it, you need to look no further, as we are one of the best hand made rug reweaving teams in New York.

The Price of Reweaving

The price of hand madereweaving services may fluctuate according the current state of your rug. In the majority of the cases rug, it will be worth it, as reweaving will prolong the lifespan of your rug.

The fundamentalelement of any hand made rug is the weave that at the end of the day holds it together. At the time this weave starts to come out of place, the rug will begin to shred and tear, thus losing its beauty and original looks.

We offer a 100 % guarantee for all reweaving services, just for your peace of mind.

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