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Oriental Rug Color Restoration

It’s All about Color!

The colors of an oriental rug are one of the characteristics that make it a unique visual experience. In time, colors may fade and this will diminish the good looks of your valuable rug. Fortunately, we have the best oriental color restoration experts in New York, so you can infuse life in the colors of your rug in no time.

When to Go for Color Restoration

There are times when you notice that sun-fading has affected the colors of your oriental rug. Very often, oriental rugs have reddish colors present along with oranges, burgundies and ambers. All these colors look stunning in their original state, but unfortunately they tend to be very susceptible to sun-fading deterioration. This is one of the most common causes for an oriental rug to be in need of color restoration.

The Color Restoration Process

We only use professional equipment to restore the colors of an Oriental rug, paying extreme attention to the intricately detailed designs and patters. After the service is complete, we will deliver the rug back to your home in a like-new condition.

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