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Rug Repair & Restoration

Complete Professional Fixes, Care

Trust New York Rug Cleaning with all your rug repair and restoration needs. We work with all types of rugs to repair all damages, no matter the size or shape, completely and professionally. 

We employ only the best rug care specialists to solve all minor and major problems. We also perform complete rug restorations. We perform all repairs and restorations by hand using premium products and materials. 

We Work with All Area Rugs

Our love of area rugs comes from experience and education. Over the past 15 years, our rug care team continues to pair traditional repair and restoration methods with modern technology. This allows us to deliver a quality restoration and repair every time. 

We work with all types of rugs in various conditions. We care for Persian, Oriental, silk, wool, synthetic, hand-made and machine-made. We promise to love your rug, regardless of damages, as much as you do. 

Wide Range of Fixes, Treatments

Our trained and experienced team performs all types of rug repairs and fixes. From complicated issues to the most simple tears, we have you covered.

We perform the following: 

  • Hole Patching
  • Fringe Repair
  • Backing Installation or Repair
  • Threading
  • Color Restoration
  • Fading
  • And more

Rug Repair & Restoration NY

Go Beyond Repairs

Rug repairs fix most serious and small problems, but rug restorations bring your rugs back to life completely. Our experts take time and serious consideration in all our rug restoration services—they truly bring your rug back it's original states. Through intricate reweaving, color restorations and patch work, your rug truly comes alive and looks like new again. 

So when you need a rug repair and restoration service, call the experts at New York Rug Cleaning.

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