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Bukara Rug Repair & Restoration

It is a known fact that Bukara rugs need constant attention and upkeep, particularly if you lay them out in high-traffic areas. Our company features an excellent Bukara rug repair and restoration in New York City that can assist you with all the problems you may encounter with your Bukara rug.

An Individual Service

We take pride in providing all our customers with a personal service, which is custom-tailored to their specific needs. Each and every one of the members of our team will be more than pleased to lend their certified opinion regarding all aspects related to your Bukara rug. 

A Wide Range of Repairs

From small damages cause by your pet to large holes that may appear on your Bukara rug from various reasons, we are the ones to contact when you need any type of Bukara rug repair and restoration services.

All our repairs come with a full guarantee and you will not need to worry about the transport of a rug, as we offer free pick-ups and deliveries.

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