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Wool Rug Fringing

It’s a Fringe Thing

After years of wear and tear, many wool rugs need some kind of restoration. One of the most common problems that rug repairers have to deal with is wool fringing repair. You should consider fringing repair if you want to keep an expensive rug as fresh as the day you bought it.

A Careful and Elaborate Process

We look at each rug individually when it comes to wool fringing repair. First, we determine the type of repair your wool rug needs based on its construction. In many cases, the fringes need to be rewrapped by hand, with our well-trained experts paying close attention to the structure and color of the rug. This is a meticulous process, but it is necessary for recreating the original aspect of the rug.

Changing the Fringe Altogether 

In some cases, wool fringing repair is not enough, mostly for fringes that are extensively damaged. The solution is to change the fringe completely and you can choose from a variety of fabrics and colors. Our experts can help you decide the best option that matches your wool rug.

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