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Pakistani Rug Fringing

Many Pakistani rugs have wool or silk tassels or white cotton fringe tassels and contrary to popular belief, these are not just a pretty way to finish the rug. Fringes represent the very skeleton of the rug and for this reason they need to be taken care of properly by Pakistani fringing repair experts in New York specialists.

Worn Out Fringes

The damage of fringes is inevitable in many cases and this is mostly due to vacuum cleaners, which contribute to the wearing down of the fringes. In most of the cases, fringes can be easily fixed and this is perhaps the most common kind of repair our specialists encounter.

Choosing the Right Approach

Our technicians will first evaluate the condition of the fringes and then make sure the structure of the rug is in good condition. Only afterwards will they proceed to repairing the fringes.

In some cases, your Pakistani rug will need a complete fringes replacement and if this is the case, you can choose the type of fringes you want for your rug.

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