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Peruvian Rug Fringing

Even though fringes may not strike you as important parts of a rug, they are actually the fundaments of their structure. At the time they become damaged, the entire rug may be in danger. In order to prevent this from happening, contact the best Peruvian rug fringing repair specialists in New York as soon as possible. 

Perfect Re-fringing 

We specialize in a variety of rug repair techniques and a Peruvian fringe repairing is one of the frequent requests we have. As we only employ highly specialized technicians, you guarantee a perfect repair for the fringes of your Peruvian rug.

Manual Fringes Repairs

In the majority of the cases we repair the fringes manually, in order to preserve the original aspect of your rug. When the fringes are too damaged, it may be necessary to replace them completely with new ones. We will always let you know if this is the case before proceeding.

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