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Needlepoint Rug Fringing

Years and years of footsteps on the tassels of a needlepoint rug may cause abrasion. Damage may be also caused by vacuum cleaners, which contribute to the fraying and even wearing down of the tassels. Our needlepoint fringing repair experts in New York can fix this common problem for you.

A method that works

All the specialists we employ know exactly what approach is necessary irrespective of the particular type of destruction that occurred to the fringes of your needlepoint rug. According to the necessities of each individual case, they will either restore the damaged fringes or replace them with new ones.

Delivery and guarantee

We attach all new fringes by hand in order to make sure you offer you an excellent service. From pick-up to delivery, your needlepoint rug is in safe hands. We also offer a 100% guarantee for your peace of mind. 

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