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Braided Rug Fringing

If your braided rug has fringes, at some point in time you may discover that they do not look like new anymore. Whether you fringes are slightly damaged or need complete replacement, we are the best braided fringing repair team in New York that can offer you all the fringing services you may need. 

The Importance of Fringes

It is important to take care of the fringes of your braided rug mostly because their deterioration is very likely to mean the damage of the entire rug structure. 

Keeping the Same Looks

When your braided rug is in need of new fringes, we will try to maintain the original design of the rug as closely as possible. Alternatively, you can choose the type of fringes you desire, according to your personal taste. 

We provide a full service that not only included the fringing repair itself, but free pick-ups and return deliveries as well. This way, you can sit back and relax while we perform an excellent service on your braided rug.

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