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Oriental Rug Fringing

A Common Issue

Fringing damage is one of the most common issues Oriental fringing repair specialists in New York City have to deal with. The reason for this is that fringes are the first elements of an oriental rug to get damaged. As fringes are not integrated in the structure of a rug just for cosmetic reasons, but they are actually the structure on which your rug is built on, it is important to get them repaired as soon as they begin to look worn.

Fringing Options

Our experts will advise you about the oriental fringing repair options you have according to the level of damaged of the rug. If most of the fringes are in place, an overcast stitch will strengthen the foundation threads and more serious issues will be avoided. 

Our Guarantee

Sometimes, the fringes need to be completely replaced, but you can rest assured our specialists will do a proper job and your oriental rug will retain its original aspect. 

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