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Rug Blocking

Professional Wrinkle & Re-Shaping Experts

At New York Rug Cleaning, we provide professional rug blocking services. Our blocking treatment comes backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and performed by our skilled, experienced technicians. 

Flat Rug Even After Long Term Damage

Rug blocking, sometimes called sizing, helps reshape and smooth out wrinkles in an aged or frequently used area rug. When placed in high traffic areas in your home, rugs get stretched, shifted and folded into various positions that leave lasting marks and wrinkles. 

While providing an unpleasant eyesore in your rug, wrinkles and other misshapen damages decrease the value and structural integrity of the piece. Rug blocking helps preserve and reshape the beauty of your rug.

Expert Attention & Top Quality Care

Rug blocking takes the skill and attention from an experienced and trained professional. Our team of rug technicians works with precision and care using only premium products and industry standard and approved machinery.

The blocking process starts by turning the rug upside down on our blocking equipment and securing the  corners into place. Our technicians then apply moisture and sizing product to your rug in order to equalize tension, smooth out wrinkles, reshape damaged areas and result in a completely flat rug. 

We then leave the rug to dry in our in out temperature and humidity controlled dry room. When we return your blocked rug to you, you will enjoy a long lasting, wrinkle and dent-free look and feel. 

Call New York Rug Cleaning today to book your rug blocking treatment. 

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