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Wool Rug Care

Natural in So Many Ways

Whilst it is true that synthetic rugs are growing more popular with the American public, the fact is that wool rugs have not, and will never, lose their appeal.  Of course, they are more expensive than their synthetic equivalents but there is a good reason – no other fiber contains as many of the natural properties that wool does.

Quality Fabric Needs Quality Cleaning

Wool is versatile and a quality material, so an excellent choice of material for a rug.  Here are some reasons why:    

  • It is water-repellent which gives you more time to blot up liquid spills.
  • It is naturally fire-resistant, (which is why fire fighters wear woolen uniforms)
  • It is naturally more elastic than any other fiber, and also resists static. 
  • It lasts a long time, giving you great value for money
  • It’s an excellent insulator, perfect for those cold winter evenings.
  • It dyes wonderfully – giving it limitless color potential.
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