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Pakistani Rug Repair & Restoration

It takes several months or even years in some cases to weave a Pakistani rug and this is one of the reasons for which it is a valuable possession. However, as difficult it is to create a Pakistani rug, it is easy to destroy it in an accident. Fortunately, our team of Pakistani rug repair and restoration experts in NY can help you when tragedy strikes your rug. 

Pakistani Rug Problems

Pakistani rugs are meant to last for centuries and this is truly possible when they are well-cared for. Thus, when you contact us with regard to your rug, we will pay close attention to any kind of problem that may come up in its structure.

Attention to Details

Each and every rug is closely pre-inspected when it arrives to us and the area we pay the most attention to include the ends, sides and field, in order to eliminate any area of concern.

All our Pakistani rug repair and restoration services come with a 100% guarantee.

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