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European Rug Repair & Restoration

European rugs are designed to be lasting for decades, but this is only possible when they are well-cared for. At the time you decide to contact us with regard to your rug, our European rug repair and restoration specialists in New York will pay close attention to any damages and deteriorations that may come up in its structure.

Preserving the Original

Repairing or restoring an European rug is a procedure that necessitates great skills and a lot of patience, so it needs to be performed with utmost care. Our NY rug repair team of experts will take care to preserve the original weaving techniques of each rug. In addition to that, they will make sure they carefully match all the colors impeccably.

An Extensive Range of Services

We are able to offer a wide range of European rug repair and restoration services and our team of experts will go the extra mile for considering the needs of each rug individually. Moreover, we guarantee an excellent treatment for your European rug during the entire repair process and we assure you it will be returned in an excellent condition.

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