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Contemporary Rug Reweaving

Contemporary reweaving is the best solution one may have when their favorite rug begins to deteriorate. There is no need to purchase another rug, as our team of contemporary reweaving specialists in New York can restore your contemporary rug to its original condition.

Accidents and More

After several years of use, any rug will experience some wear and tear damage, not to count the possible accidents. When this happens, you need the help of an expert, who will take into account all the characteristics of your rug before deciding on the type of reweaving that is necessary.

A Manual Service

All our specialists have a sound knowledge of different types of rugs and they will select the best approach that will restore your contemporary rug to its original condition. In addition to that, we perform all reweaving procedures manually in order to obtain the best results.

Besides offering our clients the best possible reweaving service, we also provide free deliver returns and a 100% guarantee.

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