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Karastan Rug Cleaning

Karastan rug cleaning in New York is a service for which you will need the help of professionals. Our team offers a range of rug cleaning services that will be the key for your rug to shine with brightness again.

Removing the Stains

Our team of rug cleaning specialists will firstly inspect your rug for deciding the kind of cleaning methods they will need to use. Some of the most common cleaning services we perform include removal of difficult stains and deep cleaning.

How Do We Do It?

We will start by shaking your Karastan rug well in order to eliminate all the small dust particles that generally tend to escape the vacuum cleaning. Then we will deep clean it gently and dry the rug in a room that is intended to this purpose alone. 

These procedures are the safest way to make sure we restore the color, elasticity and shine of your Karastan rug.

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