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Berber Rug Cleaning

Berber rugs are some of the most hard-wearing types of rugs and they are generally known for being stain resistant. Even so, dirt may get trapped inside the fibers and you will need the services of the best berber rug cleaning specialists in New York to help you out.

Cleaning the Berber with Care

In order to avoid the often need of professional cleaning of your berber rug, make sure you vacuum it on a regular basis. Try to never use beater bars on berber rugs, as you may cause damage to it.

Berber rug cleaning starts with avoiding dirt in the first place and keeping the dust away from it.

When you trust us with cleaning your berber rug, you can rest assured we will do a professional job. All our specialists are well trained and only use quality products in order to restore the beauty of your berber rug. 

Berber rugs can get more soiled than other types of rugs, so whenever you notice that your rug becomes shaggy, give us a call.

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