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Turkish Rug Cleaning

Turkish rugs are lavish decoration pieces and they contribute to creating a sense of warmth in a home. While it is true that with careful maintenance they can retain their original look for a long period of time, the services of Turkish rug cleaning professionals in New York City are needed once in a while.

Pre-Inspecting the Rug

When you contact with regard to cleaning your Turkish rug, we will first perform a pre-inspection of the rug in question. This means that we will identify all possible stains and assess the level of dirt in your rug. This inspection is important because it allows us to determine the right methods and products we will need to use on your rug.

A Team of Experts

All the members of our team are highly knowledgeable when it comes to Turkish rug cleaning and they will make sure the rug returns to you in top condition and shining with brightness.

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