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Indian Rug Cleaning

If you want your Indian rug to retain its original appearance, it is essential to maintain it on a regular basis. Your rug deserves to be treated very carefully Indian rug cleaning specialists in NYC, and depending on the nature of your rug, it will be dry cleaned, either with water or steam. 

What Method to Use?

Our rug cleaning specialists can determine precisely the best cleaning method possible for your rug and they select appropriate products that guarantee optimum results.

Your Indian rug will be carefully examined to determine its condition and establish if some repairs are needed or if special treatments are to be done.

Complimentary Delivery

When the cleaning is all done, the rug is brushed in order to restore its original luster. It is then inspected one last time, rolled individually and bagged for protection. We will then deliver it straight to your door to a date that suits you.

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