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Needlepoint Rug Cleaning

Whenever you contact us with regard your needlepoint rug cleaning needs in New York, we will initially conduct a pre-inspection of the rug in question. We do this in order to identify all the difficult stains on the surface of the rug and assess its level of dirtiness.

Inspecting the Rug

This inspection is significant for the reason that it permits us to define the right methods and products we will have to use on your rug.

Safe Products

All the supplies we use for needlepoint rug cleaning are organic and safe for both your children and pets. Our needlepoint rug cleaning service is done by experts with years of knowledge in relation with this type of rug. We guarantee that we can restore the originality of your rug and thus prolong its lifespan. 

Moreover, we offer an excellent customer service, so you will have answers to all your questions related to your antique rug cleaning service.


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