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Berber Rug Binding

The binding of a berber rug is the thing that holds the entire structure together and thus it is a very important component of the rug. The rug may deteriorate quickly at the time the berber binding becomes loose. This is when you should get in touch with the best berber binding experts in NYC.

An Important Problem

You should contact our New York berberrug repair specialists as soon as you notice any damage to the binding of your berber rug. Don’t leave the problem unattended for too long, as the repairing is likely to be more expensive.

Restoring A Berber Rug

In many of the cases, we can restore the original binding, as this is the safest way for your berber rug to preserve its original looks. You can also choose an alternative type of binding to suit your taste.

Our team of experts will do a great job when matching the fibers and colors perfectly for an outstanding binding result.

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