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Egyptians Rug Binding

If you have some waste pieces from Egyptian rugs that have been fitted in a room, you should not let them go to waste. Instead, you can contact some Egyptian binding specialists in New York in order to have them transformed in small rugs, door mats for patio doors or entrance mats.

Binding Diversity

Our team of professional rug repairers offers a variety of binding services for your Egyptian rugs. This way, you will be able to cover different high-trafficked areas of the house with beautiful mini-rugs.

Saving the Fibers

We guarantee the excellence of our service as we only use the expertise of specialists when it comes to all binding services. In addition to that, all the procedures they use are well-tested and safe for the fibers of your rug.

As for any other of the rug services we offer, a 100% guarantee is offered for our range of binding services.

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