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Persian Rug Binding

Persian binding is a necessary service that may prevent a valuable rug from wearing out or becoming undone. There are several ways in which rug binding can be performed and it all depends on the type of binding used and the function of the rug. Our Persian binding specialists in New York perform professional bindings with special sewing machines, which are able to create flawless edges on the rugs.

Excellent Binding Results

Every time we perform a Persian binding service in NY, we use only professional gear and thus the results are always excellent, regardless of the sort of rug involved. In most of the cases, no one will be able to tell that your Persian rug underwent a binding restoration.

Binding the Pieces Up

If you have remnant pieces from one or more Persian rugs, we can bind them together for you professionally in order to create a new rug. You are free to select the type of binding you want, according to your own preferences. 

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