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Contemporary Rug Binding

Every time you are in need of contemporary binding services in New York City, we are there to help. We have a knowledgeable team that will take care of all your binding needs in a professional way.

Consolidating the Rug

Contemporary rugs are pieces that compliment well any interior, so you would want them to last for a long period of time. Contemporary binding is a service that will strengthen the very structure of your rug, making it last for the years to come.

Skillful Employees

We only employ knowledgeable specialists in our repair team and they will only use natural and high-quality supplies for the binding service in order to protect the structure of your rug. As machines can ruin the structure of a delicate rug, we avoid them when it comes to binding.

Our 100% guarantee applies to all the binding jobs we complete and is there for your peace of mind.

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