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Sisal Rug Binding

Sisal binding is a service that is generally intended for preserving the structure of your rug. IF you need binding services for your sisal rug, make sure you only contact the best Sisal binding experts in NYC to take care of it.

Bind and Strengthen

Sisal binding is a necessity in some cases because it prevents a rug from fraying or becoming undone. Sisal rug biding can be achieved by more than one technique, subject to the kind of the binding and the function of the rug. Proficient binding is achieved with special sewing machines that craft impeccable edges on the rugs.

Organic Supplies

We only employ knowledgeable specialists in our mending team and they will only use organic and high-quality supplies for the binding service, in order to keep the structure of your rug unaltered. As binding machines can ruin the structure of a Sisal rug, we tend to avoid them where possible.

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