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Chinese Rug Repair & Restoration

With the passing of time, the knots of a Chinese rug may become fringed or they may even come off. Don’t worry about this too much, because rugs can be repaired in the same way just like any other woven material. The rug will look brand new if you employ the services of the best Chinese rug repair and restoration team in New York.

The Best Services in New York

A skilled craftsman’s expertise is needed in order to repair a Chinese rug, because the best services can be done only by those with experience and knowledge. Our rug repair company has some of the best experts in the New York area when it comes to weaving techniques and characteristics of any kind of rugs. 

Different Types 

Chinese rug restoration can take the form of simply putting the fringes back together to re-weaving the entire rug. Our team of specialists can perform any kind of restoration, taking into account the characteristics of each rug and at the same time the specifications of the client.

The rug will be returned in a perfect condition to the client, because we guarantee one of the best restoration services in the New York area.

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