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Chinese Rug Cleaning

A Chinese rug can be kept clean relatively easy and the first thing to do is to prevent it from becoming dirty. You can avoid a dirty rug by placing it in an area with low traffic. Our Chinese rug cleaning service in NYC has well-trained specialists that use compressed-air cleaning and hand-washing methods whenever is needed.

A Fine Type of Rug

Made from fine fabrics, Chinese rugs need to be cleaned very gently in order to preserve their original colors and texture. A Chinese rug doesn’t need to be cleaned frequently because of its special structure. A yearly cleaning will be more than enough if is protected properly. 

Maintaining the Looks Alive

Your Chinese rugs can be considered investments and not only decoration objects in your house or office. If you want to keep the original aspect of a Chinese rug, you should ask for the help of a professional in order to do so. 

Our specialists offer all the services you may need to clean a rug in the New York area and we can assure you that we will treat the rug will you all the care it may need. 

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