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Chinese Rug Color Restoration

The unique visual experience of a Chinese rug is given by the colors. With the passing of years, the colors of such a rug can fade and this misfortune will diminish the value and the aspect of the rug. We are proud to inform you that we have the best team of Chinese color restoration experts in New York City.

Deteriorated Tones

After many years of usage, you may notice that sun-fading has affected the color intensity of the Chinese rug. Sometimes, these rugs have reddish colors that are looking gorgeous in the original state, but they become deteriorated by the intense light or because of the sun exposure. This is the most common cause for a Chinese rug to need a special restoration. 

Bring the Colors Back

The experts are using only verified techniques and professional equipment to bring the colors of a Chinese rug to their original status. Attention is paid to each detail, even some are very intricate. The delivery service will return the rug to your home in a perfect condition and with the original aspect. 

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